To be a sustainably successful business, you have to be agile and grow with your market’s needs. CloudPeeps first launched as a platform connecting businesses with freelance community and social media managers. When it became clear that our clients needed help with all aspects of building and growing their business, we expanded the platform to offer more services. First, it was specialized marketing and content work. Then growth-focused roles, such as paid advertising and SEO experts.

Then, we saw freelancers in the community hire fellow Peeps to offer full-stack services. We realized that broadening the services offered on the platform would help them build successful teams to meet their clients’ needs. The result is a one-stop shop to hire freelancers to build and grow your business. We’re excited to share that you can now hire freelance illustrators, designers, developers, and photographers on CloudPeeps. Meet just a few of our many newest community members below!

Freelance product designers

Need help mocking up a new app or feature? Should your onboarding process be converting better? We have Peeps who can help you with that. Meet two of them below.

aaron-dodsonBased in Lake Forrest, CA, Aaron Dodson is an experienced interaction designer who’s worked with clients ranging from multi-million dollar corporations to nonprofit startups. He primarily works in UX research, strategy, and wireframes, as well as UI design, style guide and documentation and front-end responsive development.

chritine-esoldoBased in Charleston, SC, Christine Esoldo is a UX and UI designer with 10 years of experience in consumer apps, enterprise SaaS, content management systems and e-commerce websites. Her experience also spans user research, strategy, iterative design and branding. She has worked with The Hershey Company,, Rhinogram and more.

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Freelance graphic and web designers

The talented freelance designers in the Peep community are excited to work on anything from websites to posters, from blog graphics to ebooks, and beyond!


Carolyn McHale is an art director and graphic designer with 20 years of web design and print experience. She provides custom design services from conception to launch, specializing in integrating print and web. She has worked with fortune 500 companies, local businesses, member organizations, nonprofits and the US federal government.

kerri-sharpKerri Sharp is a UK-based graphic and web designer who also does work in content marketing. As a designer and developer, he has created new websites from scratch using PHP, CSS, Javascript and HTML5. He also helps clients create print materials that align with overarching branding guidelines.

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Freelance web developers

Need a new website or backend experience? Perhaps you need a brand new app developed for that idea you know will be a smash hit. The CloudPeeps community has front-end, back-end and full-stack developers ready to help bring your ideas to life.


A front-end developer originally from the UK, Andy Hook specializes in all things WordPress. He’s also well-versed in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, SEO and Responsive Design. He has worked with clients on a wide range of projects, from individual landing pages up to small to medium sized business websites.

cloudpeeps-front-end-developer-chelsea-townBased in Bend, OR, Chelsea Town has extensive knowledge of website development, UI and UX. Her experience includes work in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, the Adobe Suite, PHP, Sass, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap, MySQL, GitHub, quality control and debugging.

steve_at_carls_birthdayA digital nomad based in Budapest, Steve Lacey is a software engineer specializing in web apps for startups in Python, PHP and Ruby. He has worked with SimpleWeb, Wired Media, CloudPeeps and many other tech startups.

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Freelance photographers and illustrators

Compelling images make a huge impact on how someone engages with your website, marketing collateral and content. If you need someone to take custom photos for you or simply direct a project creatively, there are Peeps in the community with professional photography experience.

You may have a story to tell that requires more than photos, and you need something custom. If you can’t find images that are the perfect fit for your brand, illustrations are a great solution and can be a lot of fun. The Peeps in our community offer many styles to suit your needs.

jeenifer-perronAustin-based Jennifer Perron has five years in NYC Fashion industry including retail, wholesale and advertising. Now, she is a photo producer managing the development of shoots for advertising, working directly with creative directors and industry’s top talent. She has worked with Ralph Lauren, as well as CP clients That Rose Life, Student Loan Hero and more.

brittany-murphyBased in Tulsa, OK, Brittany Murphy is a professional photographer and adventure seeker. She started a popup wedding company, which has garnered a much press and attention.

tatiane-hardtTatiane Hardt is an illustrator based in Brasil focused on character design and children’s illustrations. Her seven years of experience includes children’s books, educational illustrations, corporate characters and caricatures.

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Freelance art directors

There will be times where you need more than just the final product. You need help envisioning what an entire campaign, event or publication will look like. That’s where a freelance art director can help you. Meet a couple from the CloudPeeps community below.

dani-bradfordDani Bradford is a freelance art director, strategist, social media guru and brand expert. With more than nine years in the industry, she has worked on high-level digital campaigns with clients such as National Geographic, Under Armour and USA Today. She focuses on design, UX/UI and interactive design for great, professional and functional content.

jess-haneburyChicago-based Jess Hanebury started our her professional journey as an art director at a full-service ad agency. Seeking a way to round out her marketing skillset, she transitioned to a community management role at Threadless, eventually moving up to co-leading the brand team. She has worked on TV, radio, print and digital campaigns.

The future of work is here

At the end of last year, we shared the freelance trends to expect in 2016 and they have held true. We’ve seen a growing number of companies hiring freelancers, and more professionals choose the flexibility that freelance work offers. These folks have worked together to successfully launch and grow businesses and it has been incredible to see those relationships progress.

Are you ready to hire a freelancer to take your business to the next level? Browse Peeps to see who can help you with your needs today. You can also post a job outlining your needs and hear from Peeps who are excited to work with you! Have questions? Leave them in the comments below! 

*Above photo by Gabriel Beaudry.*