At CloudPeeps, we’re big believers in publishing fresh and relevant content for our readers. Each year we love diving into the data around what posts were the most popular – and using that to influence the type of content we share next.

Last year we saw rising popularity around posts that focused on areas like professional and personal development, emerging industry trends and educational content.

We saw some recurring themes in the posts that were the most popular. The themes that drove the most visits and saw that most shares from readers were:

  • Educational content: posts that offered advice on areas like managing paid campaigns or tips for using Slack. Readers love practical, well researched content that they can directly apply to their daily work.
  • Personal growth tips: this has become more and more of a popular topic as the workforce shifts to more remote and freelance relationships. We’ve seen an increased demand for resources to help freelancers combat loneliness and the disconnect of not working in person with a team of peers.
  • Analysis of top industry trends: Snapchat become a powerful force in social media in 2016. As we look into 2017 which platform will rise to the top? Posts that analyzed emerging platforms and marketing trends tend to be most popular with readers.
  • Building a freelance business: the workforce is changing, and with those changes people look for resources on how they can adapt. Content that centered around advice that empowers freelancers and solopreneurs to build their businesses has been very popular – and we’re betting that trend will continue.

Of the 58 posts published, here are the 10 most popular blog posts from 2016 in terms of visits:

  1. 8 ways to make the most of working from home
  2. The 18 best conferences for freelancers to attend in 2016
  3. How to package, price and promote your freelance business
  4. 15 people to friend and follow on Snapchat
  5. 10 ways to beat freelancer anxiety and depression
  6. 10 things you can do to build trust with your new client
  7. Everything you need to know about creating Instagram ads
  8. 13 podcasts every freelancer should listen to
  9. 10 reasons why marketers should take Snapchat seriously
  10. 20 people every freelancer should follow on Twitter

As we map out content for 2017 we’re looking forward to seeing how these trends and insights grow and change. Are there specific topics you’d love to see more of from CloudPeeps? Leave a comment below and let us know!