Each month we do a round-up of the latest product updates and enhancements to the CloudPeeps platform. While we discuss our big updates here – we also ship many minor improvements and bug fixes behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. In our last update, we announced the new Peep profiles and we’re now super excited to share the addition of reviews, ratings and education to your Peep profiles, as well as a handy update to company profiles.

Why the update?

As the world moves more into an online-driven trust and reputation economy – we’ve been thinking about how to implement these elements into CloudPeeps. Back in February, we began to design a reviews and ratings system with learnings ranging from Airbnb to Lyft and Uber, to Etsy and LinkedIn.

Reviews and ratings

The one thing missing from your Peep profiles to date was a way to build trust and credibility with your clients. The strongest and quickest way to build credibility is through referrals and testimonials. Now, when someone visits your profile, they’ll see what your past CloudPeeps clients said about their experience working with you.

Once you’ve collected your first client review, when someone visits your profile, they’ll see stars under your profile photo that represent your overall rating based on all reviews. Check out Peep Carrie’s below:

Carrie Jones Rating

When you visit a profile, you’ll see a summary of the overall Peep rating in the bio section. The full review is then broken down under the ‘Reviews’ section into ratings on communication, work and knowledge, along with a testimonial.

Carrie - reviews - 2

Once your job has ended, your CloudPeeps clients will have the opportunity to review you from their dashboard, as well as vice versa.


Certain clients like to see your professional education, certifications and what you studied, and some Peeps prefer to make that information available. There’s now a spot in your profiles to list this if desired.

To update your education, simply login to your CloudPeeps dashboard, go to edit profile –> Education –> enter your institution information and select “Save.”

Screenshot 2015-09-02 15.18.27

And it will look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 11.15.21 PM

Client contacts

We also make a small tweak to job listings and company profiles for Peeps! When you’re now viewing an opportunity or crafting a pitch, you can see the contact’s name. This will help you personalize your communication.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 12.30.19 PM

Next steps

As the months go on, CloudPeeps reviews and ratings will form a critical foundation for happy and trustworthy client-Peep relationships. If you haven’t updated your profile since the new design or would like to add education information, please take a few moments to log in to update it.

Happy freelancing!