Snapchat is the social network “it kid” of 2016. Its early adopters may have been teens and Generation Z’ers, but now brands, investors, entrepreneurs, marketers and more are crushing it on the social network. With more than 100 million daily users, you really can’t afford to ignore Snapchat as a marketer. If you need more reasons to leverage Snapchat to reach your audience – read this.

We want to see Snapchat stay fresh and exciting for brands and users. We want to inspire you to use Snapchat creatively when connecting with your audience. We want your audience to want to add you. With that, here are 15 people to follow on Snapchat who are telling their stories in impactful and creative ways. We hope they give you new ideas and inspire you to do the same!

1) Gary Vaynerchuk

garyvee1.w190.h190.2xUsername: garyvee

Profession: Founder of Vayner Media, marketing influencer, Snapchat investor

As a natural storyteller and one of our day’s most impactful marketers, Gary Vaynerchuk is an investor in and a huge proponent of Snapchat. His stories often follow the “a day in the life” style, but also include business and marketing advice, as well as random stuff he sees out and about – including making fun of people’s flip phones.

2) Mark Suster

mark susterUsername: msuster

Profession:Partner at Upfront Ventures

Mark Suster is a two-time entrepreneur who successfully sold both companies – one to Salesforce. Now, he’s investing in passionate entrepreneurs. Mark’s stories include sneak peaks into presentations, strategy tips, content marketing advice, industry insight backed by research and forward-looking business trends such as the future of online video industry.

3) Hunter Walk

hunter walkUsername: hunterwalk

Profession: Co-Founder of Homebrew, a seed stage venture fund

Hunter Walk is the co-founder of Homebrew, a seed stage venture fund. He has also made products at YouTube, Google and SecondLife. Needless to say, he’s a smart human and knows a whole lot about business. Follow him for startup advice – and to witness him teasing his Co-Founder.

4) Matt Mazzeo

matt mazzeoUsername: mmazzeo

Profession: Lowercase Capital

Matt Mazzeo is a Partner at Lowercase Capital with Chris Sacca. His stories are all about the future of business, insights from events and advice to entreprenurs. Folks working in tech say he’s a must-add.

5) Morgan Brown

morgan brownUsername: morganb180

Profession: COO, Inman News

Growth hacker and marketing strategy extraordinaire Morgan Brown is on Snapchat and sharing his tips, tricks and advice. Follow him for all of that and more.

6) Justin Kan

justin kanUsername: justinkan

Profession: Partner at Y Combinator

Y Combinator Partner Justin Kan loves Snapchat – so much he has written about it. And you can tell from his snaps that he really does. His stories range from investor insights for entrepreneurs to motivational pep talks that will get you ready for that work out you’ve been putting off.

7) Danielle Morrill

follow on snapchatUsername: daniellemorrill

Profession: Co-Founder and CEO of Mattermarl

What’s it like being a female founder in tech totally kicking butt? Follow Danielle Morrill, Co-Founder  and CEO of Mattermark to find out!

8) Mick Spencer

follow on snapchatUsername: mickospenno

Profession: Founder of On The Go

Mick Spencer is the Founder of On The Go, one of Australia’s fastest growing sports apparel brands. Having faced adversity of his own since childhood through various health issues, Mick realized the power that sport embodies to empower individuals. You can find similar inspiration through his stories.

9) Kate Kendall

follow on snapchatUsername: kate-kendall

Profession: Founder of CloudPeeps, The Fetch and Freelance Friday

Our own Kate Kendall is all about Snapchat. Follow her for a peek behind the CloudPeeps curtain to see what it’s like running a business and building community. Our favorite part about following Kate: her silly snaps. If you’re lucky, she just might send you a direct snap of her doing her American accent.

10) Ryan Hoover

follow on snapchatUsername: rrhoover

Profession: Co-Founder of Product Hunt

Want to know what it’s like being a tech entrepreneur? Definitely follow Ryan Hoover, Co-Founder of Product Hunt for a glimpse into startup life, his travels and of course, his La Croix addiction.

11) Maren Kate

follow on snapchatUsername: marenk8

Profession: Consultant to startups and businesses

For career advice and life anecdotes, follow CloudPeeps advisor, Maren Kate. Maren is all about escaping the 9-to-5 and her stories prove that.

12) Shaun Ayala

shaunayala.w190.h190.2xUsername: shaunayala

Profession: Marketing Manager, Snapchat influencer

Shaun Ayala is a Snapchat influencer and strategist using the network to share his best tips, tricks and advice for creating the best Snapchat stories.

13) Danny Berk

danny berkUsername: dannyberk

Profession: Semi-pro surfer; Snapchat influencer

Danny Berk may be a relative newcomer to the Snapchat seen but has quickly become one of the top Snapchat influencers. He was nominated for a Shorty Award for Snapchatter of the Year in 2016. He’s also a semi-pro surfer. Follow him for a day in the life at the beach.

14) Jessica Alba

jessica-alba-celebrity-snapchat-snapcodeUsername: jessicamalba

Profession: Co-Founder of The Honest Company, actress

Actress and The Honest Company Co-Founder Jessica Alba (who made it onto our list of celebrity CEOs) brings her Snapchat friends behind the scenes of anything from television interviews to meetings with her team.

15) Apple Music

follow on snapchatUsername: applemusic

If you’re looking for an example of quality production in Snapchat stories, follow Apple Music. Their snaps are beautiful and a great example of a brand who “gets” their audience!


Need help with your Snapchat strategy?

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