In this week’s Peep Profile, we get to know our Peep Bryanna Mannis. We ask Bryanna about how she got to where she is today, her daily routine, who inspires her, how she keeps clients happy and more. Bryanna is a Brooklyn-based brand and social media strategist with experience working for major global brands, who pursued freelancing to have the flexibility to live the life she imagined and hasn’t looked back since.

Tell us about your career to date…

I’ve spent the last six years or so working for global brands such as Anthropologie, Nissan, Oxfam and Burt’s Bees, honing my skills and eye for building industry leading social media strategies, producing successful cross platform campaigns and creating original digital content. I switched to freelance work about four months ago because I wanted to have more autonomy in making decisions.

What really makes me tick is leading the creative process that forms a campaign – rebranding or vision – and then handing that off to a team to implement. When looking for freelance work at a new company, I look for three things: passion, the way people talk about their work internally and their work/life balance.

To me, it doesn’t matter as much what the company does, so long as the people that work for them excel at the above three. I find that these to be the best way to gauge whether or not I will be inspired and satisfied working with a future company.

Example of Bryanna's work with CloudPeeps client Sneaking Duck
Example of Bryanna’s work with CloudPeeps client Sneaking Duck

Describe yourself in three words.

Pragmatic, creative, curious.

How did you get into freelancing and why did you choose a freelance career?

After working for global corporations for several years, I wanted more flexibility in my schedule and more autonomy with my work. I always admired the freelancers that I hired or worked with while in these companies and after looking into freelancing as a full-time option, I realized that it wasn’t such a far fetched dream. I haven’t looked back since.

What does your daily routine look like? Where do you work from?

I typically wake up, have a coffee and go for a run or do yoga for the first 45 minutes of my day. I then open my computer, listen to my favorite morning news podcast (Marketplace Tech) and read my top daily news sources.

Bryanna's home office in Brooklyn, NY
Bryanna’s home office in Brooklyn, NY

I tackle my inbox, analyze my client’s Google Analytics accounts and social media channels which by that time, my day is kicked off and running. I typically have anywhere from 1-4 calls a day and work until roughly 6pm on content strategy, community management, content production (photography and graphic design) and organizing off-line events.

I like to vary where I work; sometimes at home or friends studios/offices but when I travel, I usually like to find a new cafe or work from my Airbnb or hotel.

A cafe in Berlin
A cafe in Berlin

How do you keep your clients happy?

I am always available to speak to my clients. If they have something that comes up and they need a quick word of advice or strategy update, I’m here for them. For me, it’s all about showing reciprocity. If they were my social media agency and I had something come up that I needed their immediate help and/or advice, I would want them to be available. With that in mind, I am always free to speak with my clients when they need me. I always like to say that, high transparency and high visibility is the way to keep your clients happy.

More work Bryanna has done for Sneaking Duck
More work Bryanna has done for Sneaking Duck

Who inspires you most professionally? 

I have two mentors in my life and they both share a common thread: balance and mindfulness. Those who inspire me most professionally are individuals who don’t lose their temper and keep a steady, even keeled approach towards their work. To me, when you confront tough situations from this perspective, one is a much more effective leader.

What do you like to read, watch or listen to either while working or in your free time?

Every morning, I listen to Marketplace Tech podcast which is a five minute, quick synopsis of breaking tech news from around the world. My favorite world news sources are BBC and NYTimes. I read Techcrunch on a daily basis to keep up to speed on the latest digital and social news. As for my free time, I get a kick out of Refinery29’s weekly horoscopes and Well + Good’s beautifully curated website with wellness tips and advice.

Photo credit: @lucxtte
Photo credit: @lucxtte

What’s your one piece of advice to those new to freelancing?

Speak with as many people as you can to get as much advice as you can before you launch. I was lucky enough to have a small network of freelancers who advised me on websites, local groups and meet-ups to attend which helped significantly to launch my own company.

What are your top three places we should check out when visiting your city/town?

1) Brooklyn Promenade – People always overlook the Brooklyn Promenade when they come to NYC! This is one of my favorite views of Manhattan and on a beautiful evening, is a great place to watch the sunset.

2) Speedy Romeo’s, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn – This is a NYC pizza institution. They have the most amazing, low key ambiance and have an incredible menu of pizzas and salads with local, fresh ingredients. Yum!

3) Rockaway Beach Surf Club – Summer time in NYC is the best. If you happen to visit then, be sure to head to Rockaway Beach for a swim. While there, go to the Rockaway Beach Surf Club, which is actually a restaurant/bar with incredible events, amazing tacos and an authentic seaside vibe which makes you feel like you are a million miles away from NYC.  

Learn more about Bryanna and hire her to help with your branding and social media needs. 

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