10 tools to help you plan for an incredible 2017

As a solopreneur, part-time freelancer, or full-time remote worker, you depend on the best tools to keep you and your work thriving and organized. With 2017 quickly approaching, it’s time to start making the cliche (but necessary) goal list for this upcoming year. Accompanying the goal list should be tactics on how you can achieve […]

How to improve your freelance client onboarding process

One of the more tedious tasks of being a freelancer is onboarding new clients. And since freelancers have an ebb and flow of incoming and outgoing work, this means we can constantly find ourselves onboarding (and offboarding!) new clients. Some clients can be working with freelancers for the first time, and some clients can have their […]

How and when to fire your problem client

As a freelancer, you’re going to have great and not so great clients throughout your career. It’s just the nature of the game. A client becoming a “problem” isn’t always a reflection on them or even the company. Sometimes a problem client is a result of a miscommunication or misalignment of goals. Other times, it’s a matter […]

A freelancer’s guide to liability insurance

When launching your freelance business, you’re probably not thinking about liability insurance. You’re likely working with a client or two and find it hard to fathom getting sued. But everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes s*** just happens. You can’t always control the outcomes of a situation or how your clients will react to it. That’s […]

The top 10 freelance trends of 2017

It’s tough to believe that 2016 is already coming to a close. It’s been a whirlwind of a year, but a solid one for the freelance community. There are more resources, earning potential and job opportunities available than ever. Thank you, internet. It’s an exciting time to be a freelancer. Now representing 35% of the […]