This is the first of many product updates on our shiny new blog! This one is geared towards our internal community of Peeps, so if you’re here for the first time, bear with us as we provide more background context in future posts.

We’re now over a year into the startup journey at CloudPeeps and since then we’ve learned so much about marketplace dynamics, and how we best facilitate happy relationships between our customers and Peeps.

In the past month, we’ve really begun to dig into our pitching process and evaluate the ways we highlight how amazing our community of Peeps are.

Understanding the requirements

Part of the issue with the first version of the pitching process was that it really focused on showcasing a Peep’s ability to craft social media posts in a company’s voice and tone. This was great at the beginning because a lot of customers came to us in search of a community manager to help them execute in their social channels. Over time, however, we’ve had a lot of demand for services outside of creating social media content. As the industry evolves, companies are also starting to look at more ways to market or build loyalty with their customers and community, outside of organic social media. The old format also didn’t account for customers who had little idea about what they needed or should do, and really needing help with strategy.

Introducing ‘jobs’

You’ll notice we’ve started to use the word ‘job’ instead of ‘plans’ or ‘projects’ like we did in the past. We’ve decided to be as literal and representative of offline lingo as possible. When customers come to CloudPeeps, they are looking to hire a freelancer – and when Peeps come to CloudPeeps, they are looking to find work opportunities. Some customers are looking for Peeps to work in a project-based capacity, and others are looking for an ongoing commitment. Job covers both. Many other talent marketplaces, focused on longer-term engagements, similarly use job as the core word so this made sense.

The new process 

Overall, we have simplified the pitching form to be more open-ended and flexible to facilitate different style of jobs.

We have also listened to your feedback about the need to be able upload multiple images and submit special responses to pitch call outs. The Peep format is very free-flowing so you can be creative and express your qualifications how you like.

This is still a work in process and we’ll be iterating it weekly.

1) Listing a job on CloudPeeps: a customer’s view


2) Pitching for the job: a Peep’s view


Moving to an hourly format

One of the things we’re also going to test in the coming months, is using hours as the basis of the working relationship between customers and Peeps. CloudPeeps originally started with monthly plans in a tightly scope work approach. We’ve noticed that customers were frequently needing more flexibility in their plan’s scope and that Peeps would go above and beyond the scope to fulfill this need. Over time, we’ve realized hours is a universally understood metric and that working hourly while being deliverables-aware facilitates accountability and trust between customer and Peep.

Next steps

This of course is still just the beginning of our product and we will continue to improve the experience.

Thanks so much for your ongoing involvement in the CloudPeeps community – we’re forever grateful for your feedback.

Until next time,


P.S. Huge thanks to the incredible Kai Cataldo, and then Mat Holroyd for making this blog design happen. You both rock!

About our contributor // Kate Kendall is the co-founder and CEO of CloudPeeps. She also founded The Fetch. Follow her on Twitter at @katekendall.