Looking back at 2015, we’re feeling incredibly humbled, grateful and proud. It’s been a huge year for the CloudPeeps community as a whole.

We’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate what all of our Peeps have accomplished this past year. We’ve grown to well over 1,200 freelancers in the community who’ve been matched with 100 jobs in 2015, and have heard some heart-felt stories along the way.

Several of our Peeps left their full-time jobs to pursue a freelance career and the freedom to work where and how they want. Nothing makes us smile quite as big as when a Peep shares that we helped make their leap possible. Sometimes they even send us cookies! 🙂 It’s sentiments like this that make us proud to have such a tight-knit, family-like community.

“Just wanted to let you guys know that because of you, I was able to quit my job Monday, and now I am a full-time remote freelancer, living the life I’ve always wanted! Thank you!” – David Hathaway

Not only are Peeps making the leap, they’re making a healthy living in doing so as well. Our ten highest-earning Peeps collectively made nearly $100,000 alone, and that’s not including the other thousands of Peeps working on a wide range of jobs. We’re so proud to call each of you family! In that spirit, here are the stories of the ten Peeps who earned the most in 2015.

Lisa CroccoOver the last year, Lisa left her full-time job to build her freelance career. With a passion for politics and a background in public relations, she applied her strategic communications skills to do content strategy work with an education company and community building for a clean water initiative. 

“Being a member of CloudPeeps for a year has provided me with more opportunities, encouragement and community than I ever thought was possible in the freelance world. I cannot express enough how incredible it is to be a member of this community and how grateful I am to Tessa for reaching out to me a year ago to join. I don’t know where I would be without CP.”

With a background working with large companies and well-known startups, Cynthia has enjoyed Cynthia-Borisworking with CloudPeeps clients who “get” her personality and love working with her. She has connected with 4 different clients via CloudPeeps to work with them on their social media, content strategy and community building needs. Cynthia particularly loves our new(ish) Peep profiles.

“The new system allows me to show off my personality—something I tried to hide when I was new at this. But when you have a dozen equally qualified applicants, the final decision has to come down to the person. Is she serious? Casual? Quirky? Creative? Either you click or you don’t and either way is okay.”

codyWith extensive experience in social media strategy and management for brands such as the WWE and Pepsi, Cody has successfully applied his dynamic approach to social for his CloudPeeps client. He has recently pursued a freelance career and is loving it. 

“One of the harder parts of freelancing is finding qualified clients who understand your value. With CloudPeeps, they’re bringing those clients to your doorstep and it’s up to you to convert with the ones that are a match. Not only is it a great service for freelancers and brands, but the team is friendly and here to help. Overall, it’s been a great tool for 2015.”

Jaclyn LambertHaving previously found work freelancing with agencies, Jaclyn started pursuing her own freelance clients using CloudPeeps this year, and she was clearly made for it. Working with Student Loan Hero on outreach and PR, she successfully secured several placements for them, including a feature in Vice!

“CloudPeeps hooked me up with the most top-notch client I ever could have had the opportunity to work with. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to land a client of that caliber just on my own.”

Christine has taken her extensive experience as a full-stack marketer working with tech companies and applied that to helping startups build community and Christine Limdevelop strategic marketing plans. She’s even gained experience helping an international brand expand to the US through CloudPeeps.

“CloudPeeps has been integral in introducing me to overseas-based startup clients who are planning to launch their products in Silicon Valley. With my international background, I am able to effectively work with these clients and help them create and implement their go-to-market plan for their product launch in the US.”

Bryanna MannisBringing experience with major brands such as Anthropology, Bryanna has worked with five CloudPeeps clients this year. Her work has included setting up social media structures and strategies, running Instagram campaigns, managing communities for tech companies and more. She’s been able to continue with her passion of working with lifestyle brands while broadening her experience in tech and startups.

“CloudPeeps has continued to prove itself to me as a platform for the modern freelancer, giving me the opportunity to connect with inspiring, upcoming, global brands who are interested in leveraging my background of working with leading lifestyle brands in New York City.”

Erin_SturmErin left her position as a corporate librarian and researcher in a biotech company to freelance full-time in 2014.  Since then, she has helped clients build and moderate community, and develop content for blogs, newsletters and beyond. Loving her freelance career, she hasn’t looked back since.  

“CloudPeeps has given me the opportunity to work with great clients that I would not have had the pleasure of meeting otherwise. There are so many awesome clients looking for Peeps and so many talented Peeps offering their services. I am honored to be part of this community of creative, talented and successful people!”

amy-rigbyWith a background in journalism, Amy has successfully applied her storytelling skills to help clients make their mark among their target audiences. She’s worked with four CloudPeeps clients on everything from consulting on their marketing strategy to doing blogger outreach for Breather.

“Before discovering CloudPeeps, I was doing everything on my own, which was sometimes overwhelming. By becoming a Peep, I instantly gained access to a supportive community, top-notch client opportunities and helpful freelancer resources. Today my business is stronger, and I am working with some incredible clients. I owe a huge thank you to CloudPeeps!”

headshot_ashleymdWith experience building community and running social for large fashion brands such as Quiksilver and startups like Indiegogo, Ashley has thrived in building community and growing a social media presence for several CloudPeeps clients. Ashley was an early adopter of CloudPeeps and has been a tremendous contributor to the community.

“My experience working with CloudPeeps has been amazing. I’m able to work with a variety of companies and areas of interest all over the world. It also allows me to follow my passions and be a part of a truly amazing community.”

Tara StrahlWith a love for telling stories, building communities and creatively taking her clients to the next level, Tara has successfully managed community for her CloudPeeps clients. As one of our earliest Peeps, her CloudPeeps client Na2ure couldn’t be happier with her. Founder Alex Wolf said:

“Tara totally grasped our mission, and the vibe we wanted to to impart to those who follow us – smart, no feed-clog, links and thoughts. As a result, our followers increased, and our engagement is up.”

We couldn’t be more proud of our Peep community and our excited to see their success blossom in 2016. Want to be a part of our movement towards freedom and flexibility? Join our community!

*Editor’s note: We compiled earnings information from our database to identify the ten Peeps who earned the most in 2015. *