If you work on Facebook Pages for businesses, you’ve noticed some changes. Specifically, changes to your login option, your newsfeed view as a Page and certain Page functions. The good news is, none of the functions of a Facebook Page are gone, they just require different actions. The functions haven’t changed, the experience has. 

There are three main changes affecting the way Facebook Page Admins interact with the Pages they manage. They are:

1) You can no longer log in as your Facebook Page, you now have to log in via your personal account (rolled out for some about five months ago or so).

2) You can no longer toggle from your personal account to use Facebook as your Page in the top navigation next to the Home button. 

3) You can still view who likes your Page but in a different location.

Other changes and strange occurrences reported by members of our community have included: phantom post likes from Pages; campaigns disappearing from the Power Editor and Ad Manager; and disappearing posts from previous weeks under published posts. 

Now that we know what exactly is different for Page Admins, we can dive into the new way of managing your Pages.

How to log on and manage your Page

As mentioned, you can no longer access your Page with individual login credentials. You must log in via your personal account. Once you do that, there are two ways to access the Pages you’re an Admin of (that you manage).

One is from the top navigation on Facebook. In the upper right corner, select the drop-down arrow.


Here, you’ll find your managed Pages. Click “See More” to view all of them.

Or, after you login to your personal account, scroll down and on the left-hand side you’ll find a Pages section with the last page you managed. You can click “More” to see all the Pages you manage:


Select the Page you wish to manage. Now that you are on your Page, you can access its feed, covered below. 

How to navigate Facebook as your Page (liking, commenting, sharing)

To navigate Facebook as your Page, access your Page using one of the options above. Once you’re there, scroll down to “See Pages Feed” on the left-hand side.


On this page, you’ll find a feed of posts from the Pages liked by your Page, with a list of those Pages on the left.


If you want to take the action of liking a particular Page, select the green “Like Other Pages” button on the right at the top of the page and search a specific name to like as your Page.


If you want to skip that step for now and interact with posts by commenting, liking, etc., scroll down. You’ll see your Page’s icon next to the option to like, comment and share that post.


To interact with a post as a different Page you manage or as your personal account, select the drop down arrow.


You can also like another Page from a Page you manage at any given time, even when not on your Page’s newsfeed. To do so, visit a Page and select the “more” menu indicated by three dots next to the “Message” option and select “Like As Your Page.”


Here, you’ll be presented with a pop-up allowing you to choose a Page to like the Page you’re visiting from.


You can also post to a Page as your Page, like a post, comment on it, share it, etc. while logged into your personal account.

To post to a Page, go to the “Write something on this page” section and select the drop down arrow next to the small version of your profile photo in the upper, right corner.


Then choose which Page you’d like the post to come from.


You can interact with any post as your Page by following similar steps. The drop down is next to the like, comment, and share options of each post – just as they were in your Page’s newsfeed.


To share a post from your Page, click “Share” and select the “Share…” option.


Then, in the pop-up, select “Share on a Page you manage.”


In the new pop-up, select the drop down on the left to choose the Page you want to share from.


Now, you can successfully take actions on a post as your personal account or Page without having to toggle between accounts on your homepage.

How to view Page likes (people who’ve “liked” your page)

To view who likes your Page (once called “fans” many moons ago), log into your personal account. When logged into, visit your Page and select “Settings.”


Then select “People and Other Pages.” There, you’ll have a list of people who actively like your Page.


To view Pages that have liked your page, select the drop down above the first person listed and select “Pages That Like This Page.”


Unfortunately, you have to click the name of the other Pages to like them from your Page or interact with their posts, but we have a feeling Facebook will change this in the near future.

So there you have it, that’s exactly how you can navigate Facebook as your Page.

But what about those other changes and issues?

We mentioned our community members experienced other issues in managing their Pages. We’ve read that the Facebook API was down for a bit – that certainly could have had something to do with it. With any tech product, there will be glitches. Sometimes you have to be patient or submit a ticket, tweet at them, Google it, participate in support forums, etc.

Regarding the phantom likes from your Page, however – this is likely due to a coordination issue. Now that Facebook does not allow Business or Page login, several individuals on your team may have Admin access to your Page. If they see a post from your Page in their feed and go to like or comment on it, their post or like will default as your page. Remind them that they need to toggle to their personal profile on the post before liking!

Now that you’re up to speed, ready for more clients looking for Facebook Page management? Check out the available jobs on the CloudPeeps platform!