One of the most rewarding things about building CloudPeeps has been the freelance community. Bringing people together to share their experiences, struggles, wins and tips – and form supportive relationships has been so great to witness. It’s inspiring watching freelancers and small business owners of all experience levels support each other and act as a sounding board.

Thanks to technology, we’re fortunate today to be able to bring together people around the globe online. There are many Facebook groups and Slack communities today where freelancers are communicating and helping each other.

However, there’s still something to be said about face-to-face contact. Meeting in person creates a special bond and adds a layer of connectedness. And sometimes it’s just nice to work with other people to switch up your energy and environment.

That’s why we’re creating Freelance Friday: a new monthly coworking meetup for independents, creatives and entrepreneurs. Right now, it’s a coworking meetup on the last Friday of each month. And it’s timed perfectly to join in after Creative Mornings breakfast series, if you’re a Creative Mornings fan like we are. 🙂


Currently, Freelance Fridays are held in San Francisco and New York with cities like Chicago, Nashville and Portland on their way. Want Freelance Friday in your city? Check out how to become an organizer below.

Why we’re doing this

  • When I was living in Melbourne, we had a great monthly meetup called Jelly Coworking. It was through attending Jelly events that I got exposed to lots of other folks who had created their own futures. Some were working remotely while traveling the world, which opened up a world of possibilities and led to the idea of CloudPeeps.
  • When you’re WFH a lot, you can start to burn out. A change of environment can help keep your productivity levels up.
  • Got a new project or want to get feedback on some client work? It’s also great to bounce ideas off other people and ask experienced freelancers your burning questions.
  • All in all, building relationships and making friends helps with increasing happiness and collaboration opportunities!

A snap from one of our early test-run Freelance Friday events in San Francisco

How to get involved

We look forward to seeing you IRL soon!