If you haven’t made the leap to full-time freelance yet, you may think you run the risk of missing out on holidays or downtime. Having a freelance career certainly does not have to be that way. We see so many of our Peeps living well-rounded lives, balancing work with family, travel and fitness. Freelancing is all about striking the best balance for you.

We were curious to know how our community members are spending their holidays; if they’re taking time off or using the down time to ramp up for the new year, so we asked!

To start, the above photo is from Camden, Maine-based Anna Chern who is spending the holidays in Cotswolds, UK says: “Merry Christmas to all Peeps!”

Here’s how just a small slice of our community of Peeps is spending their holidays this year:

Happy Holideys from Budapest. #holidey #travel #budapest

A photo posted by Ashley MD (@ashmcdey) on

Austin-based Ashley McGregor Dey is in Europe for two and a half weeks with her husband. She said: “I just spent the weekend in Budapest. It was gorgeous and I absolutely loved all the hot wine and Christmas markets. We’re spending some time in Vienna and might grab a last minute train to Prague for Christmas.”

Christmas time in the State Capitol! 🎄 A photo posted by Stephanie | Cohesive Fitness (@cohesivefitness) on

San Diego-based Stephanie Benton spent this past weekend in Sacramento watching her brother graduate from Sac State. She wishes everyone happy holidays!

San Francisco-based Peter Trapasso will be in Seattle celebrating the holidays with family and friends!

Boston Skyline A photo posted by Rachel Medanic (@vampituity) on

Oakland, CA-based Rachel Medanic will be in Boston working on a CMAD (Community Managers Appreciation Day) music project and says: “more to share on that SOON!”

Peppermint bark success!

A photo posted by Amanda Thames (@atlthames) on

Dayton, Ohio-based Amanda Thames made delicious-looking peppermint bark for stocking stuffers and will be heading to Atlanta to see her awesome family!

Spending the holidays the right way: 6am, #SUP and #sea

A photo posted by Samuel Pavin (@sampavin) on

Australia-based Samuel Pavin said he’s enjoying the surroundings and summer in Queensland. Can’t blame him!

Berlin-based Kat Loughrey (our social Peep!) is spending the holidays exploring spots near Berlin such as Postdam.

It’s a beaut Clark! A photo posted by Tessa Greenleaf (@tngreenleaf) on

Our own Matching Specialist Tessa is staying in San Francisco, spending the holidays with her boyfriend Zak and their cat Kismet in their lovely apartment.

Our COO & General Counsel Josh is gearing up for his trip to Puerto Vallarta this week!

Wait. This isn’t Brooklyn.   A photo posted by Shannon Byrne (@shannonleebyrne) on

Our content lead, Shannon flew down to St. Pete, Florida from Brooklyn to spend three whole weeks with her friends and family, much of it to be spent on boats and beaches.

Sunset over Bondi beach. 🙌🏻🇦🇺 A photo posted by Kate Kendall (@katekendall) on

Kate and Mat have been spending their holidays working from Australia, taking in the sunshine with old friends and family!

How are you spending your holidays? Share your Instagram links in the comments below!