We’re always excited to get to know our Peeps and learn about their freelancing experience. We’ve found that so many of them stand out as true freelance success stories — people who knew they wanted a different way of living and working, so they did something about it. One of these people is Lisa Crocco, content and social media strategist and PR maven.

Lisa graduated from Illinois State University in 2014, got her first big corporate job, then quickly realized the corporate world wasn’t for her. She shares her freelance journey to freedom below!

1) What are you most passionate about professionally?

Public affairs and politics is where my passion lies. Some people enjoy working for products, whereas I enjoy working for people. I know that I could never be the face of politics, but helping politicians and leaders behind the scenes to achieve their goals and their community’s goals is fulfilling.

2) What made you choose the freelancer lifestyle?

Right out of college, I got my first “real” job working in logistics, which provided me with great experience. However, since my background is in public relations and political science I felt it was unfulfilling. In order to fill that void and focus on what I love doing, I decided to freelance. During that time, I had the mantra that “if it couldn’t be my 9-5, make it my 5-9.”

Recently, I began getting so many freelancing clients that it was time to take the leap and quit my job in logistics and focus on freelancing full-time. It was a nerve wracking decision but one I know I will not regret.

3) You love autobiographies. Can you share a few of your favorites and why?

I can go on and on and on! I share all the books I am reading on my Instagram (@LisaCrocs) since my friends always ask for book recommendations and I love getting recommendations back.

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4) What’s the number one thing you include, champion, or remember when creating a strategy?

Be flexible with the strategy that you may have in mind since it may differ to what your client actually has in mind. You might craft this brilliant strategy and then realize your client does not have the capability to execute on it.

5) Tell us a little bit about your work with CloudPeeps.

I currently have two clients through CloudPeeps:

  1. Teachability, an online community where K-12 teachers can connect with teachers from around the world to discuss classroom level topics, ask questions, share ideas and learn from expert bloggers. Created by Pearson, Teachability really belongs to the educators who use it to share insights like how to improve student engagement, integrate technology into their classroom, and more. I am a blog/community manager working with bloggers on brainstorming post ideas, compensating bloggers for their work, editing the editorial calendar, etc..
  2. I also work with an organization that provides clean water for disaster relief, focusing on their social media needs and currently creating a social media plan for Twitter specifically.

I hope to get a couple more clients through CloudPeeps and expand my areas of work and the type of clients I handle.

6) Has your experience as a Peep differed from traditional freelancing? If so, how?

Definitely. CloudPeeps has streamlined the freelancing process and made it easier on the freelancer, as well as the company. I feel safe and trust CloudPeeps and the types of clients they are bringing in and the way in which we are compensated. Traditional freelancing does not always provide that sense of comfort, community or consistency.

“CloudPeeps has streamlined the freelancing process and made it easier on the freelancer, as well as the company.”

7) Where do you work from; what does your workspace typically look like?

I typically just work from home on my couch. I would love to meet up with other friends who freelance or freelancers in the Chicago area for some major work sessions, so maybe that will happen soon.

8) Any hobbies or other side hustles?

Writing has always been my outlet of choice, so I love spending time writing content for blogs and websites. I also love traveling and exploring new places and trying new things.

9) How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle when working independently as a freelancer? 

I am not really big into working out, but I do enjoy yoga. When working at home during the day, I make sure to take a break after each project I am working on to regroup and recharge my mind.

Thinking about pursuing freelance work so you can do work you’re passionate about? Check out the jobs available via CloudPeeps.

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Shannon Byrne

Shannon Byrne

Content Chief at CloudPeeps
As CloudPeeps' content lead, Shannon crafts words, creates strategies and engages our audience through content contributions, newsletters and more.