At CloudPeeps, we’re focused on helping businesses connect with freelancers who align with their goals and business needs. We help create mutually beneficial relationships that are sustainable and valuable for both Peeps and clients.

The first step to ensuring this was building a community of talented, trustworthy freelancers (now thousands of Peeps!). 

Just as we provide clients access to the world’s best freelancers, we seek to be a resource to the world’s top freelance opportunities. That’s why we’re willing to work so closely with our customers to ensure they have all the tools they need to connect with the perfect freelancer for their needs.

In this post, I’m going to focus on CloudPeeps Concierge: a behind-the-scenes look at how I personally connect businesses with freelancers who meet their needs as CloudPeeps’ matching specialist. For the matching process, my typical day is split into three main focus areas, detailed below.

Identifying client needs

When clients come to us looking for a Peep, they often need help identifying exactly what their goals are and how they should execute on them. They might know they need someone to manage their social media, but aren’t clear on the difference between a Peep who will curate content for social and one who is experienced running paid campaigns.

My goal is to ask the right questions from the start, helping us to understand a client’s needs and get them on their way to finding the right Peep. 

Filtering through talented Peeps

Once I’ve touched base with a client to learn more about their needs, the next step is helping them know who to work with. To do this, I: 

  • Search through our community looking for Peeps who have experience in the work the client is looking to hire for (social media, content marketing, branding, etc.)
  • Drill down to Peeps who are currently seeking work, and list that the have the availability to take on the time commitment the client is looking for
  • Prioritize the profiles that best align with client goals

If I’m looking at two Peeps who seem equally talented, I drill down to see if they have previous industry experience specific to the client, and for any references from previous clients they’ve worked with. 

What’s incredible is the relationships I end up building with many of our clients and Peeps. Working with them to match them with one another not only helps them achieve their goals, but is exciting for me to get to know more about who we work with and how we’re helping them grow. It’s messages like this one that make my days even brighter: 

“CloudPeeps connected us with several highly qualified freelancers so quickly. The hardest part was picking one. We love our Peep.”  – Gretchen DeKnikker, SaaStr

Providing ongoing client support

Many times when clients are happily working with their Peep, they find that they need to expand their scope of work, often in a new area — that’s where matching comes back into play.

If a client needs to bring on an additional Peep, I loop back with them to learn more about their growing needs and jump back into matching mode to identify additional Peeps to work with.

It’s been really exciting to see a number of returning clients who have been so impressed with their Peeps that they come back to connect with additional Peeps! And sometimes, their existing Peep is the one to help us learn more about the clients needs so we can make the perfect match. 

The best part of my job is hearing how excited Peeps are when they’re matched with a job they’re passionate about working on – and hearing from clients that they love their Peep! Every single connection I make between a Peep and a client makes me feel like I’m making a larger difference in people’s’ lives.

“Working with Student Loan Hero is great. I have to thank you, because CloudPeeps’ support is the only reason I got this opportunity, and I am extremely grateful.” – Jaclyn Lambert 

If you want to learn more about how a Peep match is made or are ready to be matched with your perfect freelancer, shoot me a note at!