The top 15 marketing trends of 2016

Marketing is one of the most fascinating fields of work because it’s all about collectively testing and iterating on new strategies and tactics until we find what works. Eventually, each tactic that works comes to a plateau, so we then iterate, come up with a creative solution and start testing that. This work we do […]

A day in the life of a talent matching specialist

At CloudPeeps, we’re focused on helping businesses connect with freelancers who align with their goals and business needs. We help create mutually beneficial relationships that are sustainable and valuable for both Peeps and clients. The first step to ensuring this was building a community of talented, trustworthy freelancers (now thousands of Peeps!).  Just as we provide clients access to the world’s best […]

10 must-ask interview questions when hiring freelancers

Our personal experience and market trends show us that more and more companies – big and small – are bringing on freelancers to help with growth and other business needs. It’s important to note that working with freelancers still takes a different approach than hiring someone in-house, as the working relationships are very different.   For one, freelancers often work […]