8 ways to make the most of working from home

As a freelancer or remote worker, your options of workplaces are nearly endless. Many find it helpful to have a hub—the place you typically work—for consistency and routine. We’ve found that most freelancers (at least in our community) like to work from home. The great thing about working from home aside from being comfortable and […]

8 coworking spaces to check out in San Francisco

More than 34% of the entire U.S. workforce–that’s 53 million people–are freelancers. That’s a lot of people working for themselves. If you’re a freelancer, you’re in good company, even if you’re missing just that: the company. If you live in San Francisco and are craving a little camaraderie, social interaction and networking opportunities while you […]

16 tips for making the most out of Slack

Slack quickly became every startup’s favorite communication tool in 2014, and has since been adopted by teams big and small, and communities of all shapes and sizes. Its beautiful design and ease of use make it a tool that’s easy to adopt, and the ability to have all of your Slack communities in one place […]