The top 10 books for freelancers

Ask most freelancers what they get up to in their free time and many will respond with: READ! When deciding to take the leap, you may not yet be fully prepared for all aspects of the freelancing game. Learning from those with the know-how is one of the best ways to get started and stay […]

How to get the Berlin freelance visa

Since taking the leap to begin my freelancing journey overseas, I’m often asked why I chose Berlin as my new home. The answer is simple: the Berlin freelance visa. Of course, it’s not the only reason to move to Berlin. The city also has an exciting and growing startup scene, a vibrant art and music […]

How to have more fun freelancing

Freelancing can be a ton of fun. But so often, when launching your freelance career, it’s common to get overwhelmed with the administrative work needed to build your own business. You become so concerned with finding new clients, meeting deadlines, invoicing, tracking time, etc. that it becomes easy to lose sight of why you took […]

A freelancer’s guide to Portland

Portland, Oregon is quickly becoming a top destination for tech and remote workers and it’s easy to see why. Most often described as “pleasant,” the city offers tons of nature and greenery, great food, plenty of trendy coffee shops, and pleasant weather. Although housing costs are increasing, it’s still a relatively affordable place to live […]

5 trends shaping the future of work

We had the honor of being included in Adobe’s Think Tank on the future of work earlier this month. Kate was on the panel with several other thought leaders in technology, HR, freelancing, office design and more. There was a ton of great discussion about what the future of work looks like and well, it’s […]

Another 10 companies winning at remote work

If you’ve been freelancing for a while, you’ve likely worked with clients across states, maybe even countries. You’ve perfected time zone management and know all about the best remote work tools and tips. Some of your clients may be fully distributed, others might have some team members in the office, some remote and some freelance. […]

The ultimate list of 14 travel hacking tools

Every freelancer has their own reason for pursuing freelance work. But one big benefit of freelancing is undeniable: the freedom to travel while working. It’s easier than ever to work from wherever you want thanks to the evolution of tools, apps, services and marketplaces dedicated to the frequent traveler. Freelancers especially have an opportunity to take […]

The top 10 US cities for freelancers

One of the great things about freelancing is being able to work from wherever you want. Of course that doesn’t mean blindfolding yourself, spinning, and pointing to a place on a map that you’ll call home. There are certain factors you take into consideration when deciding where to live. Cost of living and housing is […]