Our top 10 most popular blog posts of 2016

At CloudPeeps, we’re big believers in publishing fresh and relevant content for our readers. Each year we love diving into the data around what posts were the most popular – and using that to influence the type of content we share next. Last year we saw rising popularity around posts that focused on areas like professional […]

15 creatives you should follow on Instagram Stories

With our shortening attention spans, it can be tough to find the daily dose of inspiration, tips or tactics from fellow creatives that we crave. Fortunately, many leverage visual platforms like YouTube, Vine, Snapchat and Instagram to share their stories in short-form formats. And now there’s another visual story-telling channel on the scene: Instagram Stories. […]

15 people to friend and follow on Snapchat

Snapchat is the social network “it kid” of 2016. Its early adopters may have been teens and Generation Z’ers, but now brands, investors, entrepreneurs, marketers and more are crushing it on the social network. With more than 100 million daily users, you really can’t afford to ignore Snapchat as a marketer. If you need more reasons […]

15 of the best marketers of all time

No matter how many tools and tactics come and go with the evolution of technology, certain underlying marketing principles will stand the test of time. These principles are the best practices behind the most successful marketing strategies – from community building to growth hacking – that will always hold true. If you look back at […]

How to manage the new Facebook Pages experience

If you work on Facebook Pages for businesses, you’ve noticed some changes. Specifically, changes to your login option, your newsfeed view as a Page and certain Page functions. The good news is, none of the functions of a Facebook Page are gone, they just require different actions. The functions haven’t changed, the experience has.  There are […]