Why over 35s are choosing to freelance

Guess what, freelancing is not simply a young person’s game or something you can only do in your 20s (yes, seriously!). More now than ever, we’re seeing the rise of the older, more mature and experienced freelancer, and as we’ve seen within our own community — they’re absolutely crushing it. Creatives over 35, over 40 […]

8 freelancers reveal how they got their first client

When you’re a new freelancer, getting that first client can be daunting. It can feel like a catch-22: in order to get your first client, don’t you need to first have clients? As the following eight freelancers prove, that’s not the case. I asked the CloudPeeps community to share their stories of how they got their first freelance clients, […]

The top 10 books for freelancers

Ask most freelancers what they get up to in their free time and many will respond with: READ! When deciding to take the leap, you may not yet be fully prepared for all aspects of the freelancing game. Learning from those with the know-how is one of the best ways to get started and stay […]

How to hire an accountant for your freelance business

Stressing out about how to hire an accountant to prepare your income tax return? You’re not alone. When I started freelancing, finding an accountant was one of my biggest challenges, so I wanted to share my own experience in hiring one. I’ll begin with some preliminary questions that stumped me when I started freelancing. 1. […]

How to get the Berlin freelance visa

Since taking the leap to begin my freelancing journey overseas, I’m often asked why I chose Berlin as my new home. The answer is simple: the Berlin freelance visa. Of course, it’s not the only reason to move to Berlin. The city also has an exciting and growing startup scene, a vibrant art and music […]