CloudPeeps on This Week in Startups

Just before the new year, I was lucky enough to meet Jason Calacanis via one of our incredible advisors at CloudPeeps, Maren Kate. From there, Jason and the team invited me to appear on This Week in Startups to chat all things marketplaces and the future of work. The episode really connected with viewers and […]

How to transition from full-time to freelance

When analyzing freelance trends, we found that companies are now embracing freelancers as true members of their teams. They’re providing them with the same level of transparency and tools they do with full-time employees. They’re sharing insights into the inner workings and numbers behind the business. We’ll continue to see more distributed teams, more freelancers and […]

How our community is spending the holidays

If you haven’t made the leap to full-time freelance yet, you may think you run the risk of missing out on holidays or downtime. Having a freelance career certainly does not have to be that way. We see so many of our Peeps living well-rounded lives, balancing work with family, travel and fitness. Freelancing is all about […]

A day in the life of a talent matching specialist

At CloudPeeps, we’re focused on helping businesses connect with freelancers who align with their goals and business needs. We help create mutually beneficial relationships that are sustainable and valuable for both Peeps and clients. The first step to ensuring this was building a community of talented, trustworthy freelancers (now thousands of Peeps!).  Just as we provide clients access to the world’s best […]

Introducing Freelance Friday: a global coworking community

One of the most rewarding things about building CloudPeeps has been the freelance community. Bringing people together to share their experiences, struggles, wins and tips – and form supportive relationships has been so great to witness. It’s inspiring watching freelancers and small business owners of all experience levels support each other and act as a sounding […]