It’s important to us at CloudPeeps that both our customers and Peeps build healthy relationships with one another. That they develop a mutually beneficial relationship on understanding and transparency. We take pride in matching businesses with freelancers who will get the job done, while providing an opportunity for freelancers to build a career working on projects that they’re passionate about.

That’s why for this week’s #peepchat Twitter chat, we had our own Matching Specialist Tessa Greenleaf as a guest discussing how to keep a client happy and paying. During the chat, we discussed the importance of communication, what you can do to ensure success before working together and a while lot more. Check out the full recap below!

Join us next Thursday, 10/22 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT for Sandi MacPherson, the founder of Quibb, on “unearthing and creating great content.” It’s going to be a great conversation, make sure to bring your questions!