Newsletters are one of our favorite resources for curating content because they make it easy and quick to find and consume the information that’s most important to you. They’re also perfect for keeping up with trends in your field of work.

Considering how busy freelancers are with client work, business development, brand building and establishing balance, it’s difficult to make time for self-education. By subscribing to the right newsletters, the latest trends and news are delivered straight to your inbox, waiting for when you’re ready.

If you’re not sure where to find the best and most interesting information on freelancing, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 20 top newsletters every freelancer should subscribe to.

1) CloudPeeps Weekly Newsletter

cloudpeeps best newsletters

You didn’t think we’d leave ourselves out, did you? Might as well get it out of the way. 😉 In our weekly newsletter, we share our latest blog content from the week, cool projects from the Peep community and a bunch of unique or impactful stories from around the web.

Great for: Freelancers in marketing, content, community or PR and communications

2) Freelancers Union


Freelancers Union is prolific in producing high quality content, covering all things freelance. Their content spans functions from admin-centered topics such as insurance, account management and business development to niche-specific topics, such as how to write for magazines. Their annual report on the state of freelance in America is a must read. Note: you have to create an account to subscribe.

Great for: Freelancers in any industry

3) The Freelancer, by Contently


The Freelancer, by Contently is another source of trends, tips and tools for freelancers. They’re storytelling approach to content is always inspirational with each article sparking new ideas and ways to approach your work. One of our favorite stories is about the ladies of ourwildabandon and how freelancers are building a career on Instagram.

Great for: Freelancers in any creative industry, especially writing and content

4) Freelancelift


The Freelancelift focuses mostly on the business side of freelancing: on making money. Find articles, podcasts, courses, videos and books teaching you how to be a more effective freelancer. Founder Liam Veitch is the author of Evolution of a $1m web designer. Note: you have to create an account to subscribe. The site has a handy community forum that can also be a great resource for specific questions.

Great for: People looking to build a full-time freelance career



Remotive is run by our friend Rudolphe Dutel, who leads business development at Buffer. Remotive focuses on all things remote work, productivity and digital nomadism. It’s a collection of useful articles, tips, tools, insights and remote jobs.

Great for: Anyone who works remotely

6) The Fetch

the fetch newsletter

The Fetch is our sister company and an email-centric organization focused on curating the most interesting stories and news for today’s digital worker. You can subscribe to the global newsletter for articles focused on psychology, habits, the workplace and more. Or subscribe to your local chapter for the best professional events in your area. The blog and newsletter often highlight the people behind interesting companies and projects, which we love.

Great for: Anyone working in the digital space with an interest in trends

7) The Muse


The Muse focuses more on job-hunters in general than it does freelancers specifically, but it’s a great source of information on personal branding, closing contracts, finding work that you love, inspiration and more.

Great for: Anyone focused on building or growing their career

8) The Sunday Dispatches from Paul Jarvis


In The Sunday Dispatches, Paul Jarvis shares a weekly article with his musings, learnings, insights and more. Each issue is entertaining, useful and inspirational. Paul covers everything from the creative journey to personal branding; from fear to building a long-lasting career and beyond. Note: Paul takes a break from sending the weekly newsletter over the month of December.

Great for: Any freelancer in a creative field, especially writing, graphic design, photography, etc.

9) The Modern Desk


The Modern Desk from Offscreen Magazine’s Kai Brach is a beautiful collection of tools and other things that will make your life easier and well, more beautiful.

Great for: Anyone working in digital or a creative field

10) Austin Kleon’s Weekly Newsletter


Austin Kleon is a writer who also draws, or visa versa. Each week he shares original and curated content that’s not about freelancer per se, but it is relevant to living a creative life. Most of what he curates are stories and insights you won’t find in mainstream media and are certainly worth checking out.

Great for: Any creative professional

11) My Morning Routine


My Morning Routine interviews a different influencer or thought leader (well known or not) on their morning routine and how they make the most of their day-to-day routine. Although everyone’s daily routine will look differently based on your own habits and goals, it can be helpful to pull different ideas and inspiration to apply to your own routine.

Great for: Anyone looking to optimize their lives

12) Freelance to Freedom Project


Founded by Leah  Kalamakis, The Freelance to Freedom Project is a community focused on empowering new freelancers to overcome any fears or preconceived notions of freelance work and grow their careers. In the weekly newsletter, Leah highlights popular content, offerings and tops from the community.

Great for: Freelancers in any field

13) Ann Friedman Weekly


Ann Friedman, former GOOD Magazine editor and successful freelance writer sends a weekly newsletter featuring her personal work and a ton of curated news. Like Austin Kleon’s newsletter, you’ll find lots of cultural tidbits and insights you won’t find elsewhere. She shares a range of topics with a focus on media.

Great for: Any professional working in a creative field, especially freelancers

14) Kyle Chayka Industries

Kyle Chayka Industries

Freelancer Kyle Chayka shares a monthly recap of the stories he’s published plus a brief essay on whatever he feels like writing about. That often means a discussion of writing or journalism itself. Check out the archive.

Great for: Freelancers interested in media and culture

15) The Renegade Writer


The Renegade Writer is another fantastic resource for new freelancers helping them navigate and build their careers.

Great for: New and veteran freelance creatives, especially writers

16) Creative Market


When you subscribe to the Creative Market newsletter, you’ll get a menu of 4-6 totally free downloadable resources in your inbox each Friday, from social media icons and Photoshop texture packs to custom fonts and WordPress themes.

17) One Woman Shop

One Woman Shop is an online community for women entrepreneurs and freelancers who don’t want to feel isolated. Their content focuses on anything from marketing, operations, productivity and more.

Great for: Any solopreneurs

18) Purpose Generation


Purpose Generation produces content for millennials in the digital age, as well as anyone focused on pursuing meaning in their career. They share inspirational stories, resources, insights for brands, trends and more.

Great for: Anyone looking to pursue a meaningful career, especially solopreneurs

19) Crew


Crew gathers their latest content and curated reads from their team in a weekly newsletter. It never disappoints, always sharing useful content for freelancers, designers and entrepreneurs. The focus of Crew content is often on habits, psychology, lifestyle of a freelancer, work-life balance, productivity and more – and is always unique and interesting.

20) Founders Grid


Although technically for startup founders, Founders Grid is chock-full of interesting business and entrepreneurship insights, news and first-hand accounts. They do a fantastic job of curating the most interesting stories that are probably floating in your Twitter feed somewhere.

That’s it! What are your favorite newsletters that have helped you in your freelance career?