As a solopreneur, part-time freelancer, or full-time remote worker, you depend on the best tools to keep you and your work thriving and organized.

With 2017 quickly approaching, it’s time to start making the cliche (but necessary) goal list for this upcoming year. Accompanying the goal list should be tactics on how you can achieve each one. Oftentimes those tactics are implementing new tools to streamline your work and scale your business.

We have provided you with lists on bots that streamline your workflow to travel hacking tools to zen meditation tools. Now we are providing you with this handy list of the 10 top tools to help you plan for an incredible and successful 2017.

1. Trello

This is the online collaboration go-to tool. Trello allows you to set up different boards for each of your clients. On the client’s board, you can create themed lists and then create cards for different tasks/projects under each list. You can assign the cards to different team members so they receive notifications on project updates and stay in the loop. You can also attach documents and photos and it updates in real-time. If you have new clients in the pipeline for 2017, setting them up with a Trello board will set yourself up for freelancing success.

2. Slack

Slack is the AOL Instant Messenger of 2017 for working adults. Slack makes chatting with team members and clients easily. It’s also less formal than emailing and you can receive quicker responses, making your work easier. The app synthesizes all your work, allowing you to attach documents, group message team members, and so much more. You just have to know the tips and tricks on using it.

3. Google Drive

I honestly don’t know what my day would look like if I didn’t have Google Drive. As a remote worker, we spend a huge chunk of our day creating, working on projects, and sharing those documents and spreadsheets with other team members. Google Drive provides you with the tools you need to get your work done efficiently. And since multiple team members can update the documents at the same time in real time, this makes it incredibly simple to stay on track with work.

4. Toggl

Time is one of the most valuable things to a freelancer. We often have to keep insanely accurate time tracking since most gigs are paid hourly. Meaning if you forget to track your time on a task you worked on, you won’t be getting paid for that. Even if you have stipend or fixed-billing gigs, you still need to track your time and invoice for the work completed. That’s why an app/website like Toggl will ensure you track your time and help you get all that money you earned.

5. QuickBooks

No one mentioned that part of being a solopreneur or freelancer meant that you also had to become an accountant. Managing your finances, creating invoices, paying taxes, etc. are headaches waiting to happen. QuickBooks is accounting software for those who don’t have an accounting degree. If managing your finances better in 2017 is at the top of your goal list, then create an account today.

6. Pocket

Do you find yourself reading a million articles a day? Or having a dozen tabs open of
articles and blogs you want to read but never get around to? If the answer is yes, then you need to get Pocket. When you find an article you want to read later, send it on over to Pocket, and read it when you get the chance. You can create tags to classify different types of articles. This also makes it simple to curate content for newsletter creation or social media posting.

7. Noisli

This website allows you to block out noise, improves focus, reduces stress, and increases productivity. So if you constantly find yourself getting distracted, becoming annoyed with those loud coffee shop talkers, and ripping your hair out due to being overworked, then you need this is in your life stat. You can mix different sounds you find soothing to either boost your productivity or provide some stress relief. Try mixing rain and wind sounds while chipping away at the website copy with the approaching due date looming over you.

8. Wunderlist

Are you a compulsive list-maker? Ditch the post-it-notes, notebooks, coffee-stained
napkin notes, and get Wunderlist instead. Wunderlist promises to keep your lists in sync by helping you creating to-do lists, setting reminders on important notes, and collaborating with people involved in your to-do. If you have “be better about my to-do lists” on your “2017 To-Do List” then give this app a try.

9. Calendly

You’re a busy freelancer managing a dozen clients and your own personal life. We
hate to admit it, but sometimes we forget a meeting or even worse…we forget to
schedule downtime for ourselves. Send your clients your Calendly link and let them know they can use this tool to schedule appointments with you when they want to meet. Between onboarding client calls, interviews with prospective clients, and meetings with current clients, this will definitely help you keep track of everything and ensure you don’t miss a meeting.

10. Proposify

Crafting and sending out proposals to prospective clients can be time-consuming
and challenging. Especially if you’re looking to grow your business and client-load in 2017, it’s time to get the help from Proposify to create and deliver winning proposals. This tool allows you to create a beautiful proposal, deliver it to your client, sign-off on contracts, and streamline your sales/income.

Over the course of 2017, CloudPeeps is enhancing our platform to provide you with the daily tools you need when it comes to being a freelancer, solopreneurship, or remote worker. With the implementation of proposal management, legal, contracts, 1099s, invoicing and payments, etc. we hope to be your go-to platform for all the tools you need.

What are some of your favorite tools that help you as a freelancer or solopreneur? Share with us below!